Lilium Jaca Restaurant

The Product

Restaurante Lilium Jaca is a current listing that reinvents itself every day and try to maintain an excellent quality-price, always with the local products.

Our Dishes and Tapas

Borage with "corns" of cod and cockles

(price 8,25 €)

Table of Teruel ham with tomato bread

(price 9,90 €)

Creamy rice with mushrooms with foie

(price 8,80 €)

Warm salad of goat cheese with honey mustard vinaigrette

(price 8,25 €)

salmon carpaccio with citrus vinaigrette

(price 8,80 €)

Terrine of foie home of house

(price 9,90 €)

Sautéed mushrooms with foie

(price 9,35 €)

Beef Steak with garnish(1Kg)

(price 33 €)

Grilled entrecote 11€ with mushroom sauce

(price 13,75 €)

Beef tenderloin grilled

(price 14,13 €)

Beef sirloin steak with foie

(price 16,50 €)

Scallopini stuffed beef tenderloin with foie gras sauce

(price 15,40 €)

Maigret of duck with cranberry chutney

(price 11 €)


(check price)

Table of "ibéricos" assorted

(price 13,20 €)

Table of pate assorted

(price 11 €)

Table of assorted cheeses

(price 11 €)

4 units Home Croquettes

(price 3,85 €)

Casserole of the day

(price 3,30 €)

Tapas of competition

(price 2,75 €)

Mini salads

(price 3,30 €)

Assortment of desserts

(price 8,25 €)

Menu of the day - 15 € VAT Incluided

  • 10 Starters to choose
  • 10 Seconds platos to choose
  • Dessert to choose
  • It is intended for all kinds of people especially those who like home cooking life and new trend
  • Gluten and Dieters paragraph

Lilium Menu - 23€ VAT Included

  • Starters to choose
  • Salad with marinated tuna and pink tomato
  • Cod ajoarriero done to our gratin style
  • Altoaragonés Rice with vegetables and pork
  • Puff pastry with goat cheese and sour onions with lettuce bouquet
  • Fry vegetables with poached egg and iberic ham veil
  • Vichissoise with mushroom and shrimp ravioli
  • Seconds platos to choose
  • Veal accompanied by mashed potatoes
  • Grilled lamb of Aragon OD
  • Confit of duck with fruit sauce
  • Scaloppine of veal tenderloin with port sauce
  • Range chicken chilindron "The Romeral"
  • Cogote hake baked with shellfish vinaigrette
  • Stuffed squid in its own ink
  • Piglet Confit low temperature
  • Dessert to choose (order at the beginning of the meal)
  • Fonz Sheep yogurt mousse de yogurt with passion fruit and moscubado sugar
  • Orange, carrot and coconut
  • Flor de Aspe and O´xortical Cheese with walnuts and quince
  • Apple cake freshly baked with artisan ice cream
  • Lemon or tangerine sorbet
  • Couland chocolate with artisan ice cream
  • ¼ Viñas Vero OD. Somontano, ¼ water y bread
  • Beer, glass of crianza, soda or water. Bread
  • Suggestions ask them the waiter

Gourmet Menu - 40€ VAT Included

Kids Menu - 7,48€ VAT Included

  • We offer dishes that kids eat without protest, for parents to eat quietly, and children are nurtured naturally.
  • Menu 1: Combo plate consisting of pasta with homemade tomato sauce, chicken nuggets and chips.
  • Menu 2: Mini Pizza.
  • Menu 3: White rice with tomato, fish sticks and chips.
  • All: Ice cream or fruit, bread and water.
  • There is a kids menu of luxe for celebrations. Check beforehand.

Tasting Tapas Menu - 20€ VAT Included

  • Home Appetizer
  • Our "Aspe con Garrapata" 1st prize contest Tapas Jacetania 2010 popular and technical jury.
  • "Perla del Pirineo" 1st prize contest Tapas Jacetania 2011 technical jury.
  • Mini little seasonal salad
  • Our homemade fried
  • "Cazuelita de arroz cremoso con setas y foie" 1st prize contest Tapas Jacetania 2011 technical jury.
  • "Cazuelita de carrilleras de ternera del Pirineo acompañada de puré de patata y compota de manzana"
  • “Con las manos en la masa” 1st prize contest Tapas Jacetania 2013 technical jury.
  • Caña, copa de crianza, refresco o agua. Pan

Menu for Groups or Parties

  • We have a wide variety of menus according to taste and budget. We personalize your event, do not hesitate to ask for what you want. If possible, we do.


  • Talk to Elena, guaranteed success. Great food, great atmosphere, possibility of performances or shows.